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High Speed Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines

Rigid sheet extruder with hollow shaft designed servo motor and optimzed energy saving

  • Material: PP, PET and other rigid sheet polymers
  • Material Thickness: 0.3-1.2 mm (details see specification)
  • Output: 900-1200 kg/hr (details see specification)
HSE 75mm PET/PP High Speed Extruder


Sunwell HSE (High Speed Plastic Sheet Extrusion) provide the maximized output at 900kg/hr for PP material and 1200kg/hr for PET material. The drive system is torque 1,000rpm servo motor with hallow shaft design for screw extraction from back side. The IR ceramic heaters with air blowers is regular heating elements. The performance is reliable after many modifications and improvements now. It could get energy saving, high output, flatness, gloss surfaces, less internal stress and high transparency PP sheet than regular plastic sheet extruder.


PP Extrusion Specification HSE 75mm PET/PP High Speed Extruder
PP; PET and Other Rigid Sheet Polymers
Power Consumption
IR Ceramic Efficient for Energy Saving;
~0.26kWh per kilo Power Consumption
Single Extrusion Mono Layer or Co-extrusion Multi Layers
Sheet Cut; Reel Wind; In-line with Thermoforming Machine
PP: 0.3mm ~ 2mm; PET: 0.15mm~1.2mm
500 ~ 1,600mm
Screw Dia
Maximum Screw Revolution
1000 RPM
Maximum Output
900 kg/h +/- 10% for PP; 1200 kg/h +/- 10% for PET
Line Speed
Up to 60M/Min.
Cooling Rolls Stack
Down stack or Up stack configuration
Cooling Rolls Stack.
Down stack or Up stack configuration
Vertical, Inclined or Horizontal,
J Type, 3rd Roll Rotating type & Multiple Contact type for High Performance Requirements
Razor Blades, Rotating Blades
Fixed Shaft; Cantilever; Automatic Cut and changeover Turret Winder
Drive System
CMG Drive with Hallow Shaft Design for Screw Extraction from Back Side