MC Series Automatic Multi-Station Thermoforming Machine

Application of form-cut-stack thermoforming machine for thin wall food and industrial packaging.

  • Forming Method: Vacuum Forming / Pressure Forming
  • Maximum Sheet Width: 320 ~ 820 mm (details see specification)
  • Maximum Dry Cycle Speed: 60 cycle/min (details see specification)
MCS800-3 MCS800-4


Sunwell MC series is a fully automatic thermoforming machine, designed to specifically meet the demands of production in multi-station operation by steel rule die cutting technology. It combines the chain index system, heating oven, both positive and negative pressure forming, holes pre-punch, finished product cutting, automatic product counting and stacking, exit conveyor for product stacks and scrap rewind into a compact machine.

Sunwell MC Series thermoforming machine is a refined design, equipped with energy-saving precision temperature control, absolute encoder full servo system, robust toggle drive mechanism, high accuracy product cutting and flexibility of product handling to obtain a stable and reliable performance for high quality products. The production for processing PP, PS, OPS, PE, PVC, APET or CPET, PLA are very suitable with maximum speed up to 60 cycles per minute.

The simple and cost effective molds with quick mold exchange mechanism, provides a quick replacement of the tooling to save downtime, which is especially suitable for small and medium scale production. The applications are versatile for a variety of thin wall packaging including food, cosmetics, medical, toys, electrical and electronic components, and daily hardware products.


Form-Cut-Stack Multi-Station; steel rule die technology
Thin wall food and industrial packaging
Stations No.
3 or 4
Max. Cycle Speed
60 cycles / Min.
Sheet Index
AC Servo driven chain index feed
Heat Tunnel Length (mm)
Heating Elements
Forming method
Both positive and negative pressure forming
Forming direction
Either above or below sheet forming
Maximum Sheet With (mm)
Forming Mold Size (mm)
Max. 570(L) x 820(W)
Min. 250 (L) x 290(W)
Max. Depth of Draw (mm)
Shut-height (mm)
Top: 70~370
Bottom: 70~250
Platen Travel (mm)
Top: 150
Bottom: 150
Forming Platen Driven
AC Servo; toggle mechanism actuation
Forming Tonnage (tons)
Pre-Punch Mold Size (mm)
Max. 570(L) x 820(W)
Min. 400(L) x 290(W)
Shut-height (mm)
Top: 70~370
Bottom: 250
Platen Travel (mm)
Top: 150
Bottom: 150
Pre-punch Driven
AC Servo; toggle mechanism actuation
Pre-punch Tonnage (tons)
Cutting Size (mm)
550(L) x 800(W)
Shut-height (mm)
Top: 70~370
Bottom: 250
Platen Travel (mm)
Top = 150
Bottom = 150
Cutting Driven
AC Servo; toggle mechanism actuation
Cutting Tonnage (tons)
Stacking Size (mm)
550(L) x 800(W)
Stacking Method
Up or Down stacking by servo; Robotic is optional
Control System
Floor Space (M)
12.5(L) x 3.3(W) x 3.3(H)
Machine Weight (kg)