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About Sunwell

Sunwell Machines Co., Ltd. established in 1988, specializes in the high-end technology of extrusion and thermoforming equipment for foam and rigid container packaging applications. In 2003, we set up a "Global Alliance" with a UK partner, to combine European technical expertise and process knowledge for advanced technologies to supply competitively priced equipment to worldwide markets. Sunwell is an outstanding “one shop” machinery supplier for a wide range of packaging solutions throughout the world. Our manufacturing orientation targets key packaging market applications and processes, to supply equipment from up-stream to down-stream with quality, sophistication, economy and innovation, which feature distinct advantages over similar machines from other respective manufacturers. Each Sunwell solution is designed, manufactured, and commissioned by an experienced team of professionals and supported throughout its life with technical assistance, parts, service and upgrades to fulfill and exceed customers’ expectations. We guarantee the highest level of quality in the execution of projects as a result of up-to-date technology. We satisfy all customers’ requirements through one of the most extensive and diversified product portfolio including below:

  • EPS; EPE and EPP Foam Sheet Extrusion Lines
  • EPE foam tube or profile extrusion lines
  • XPS insulation foam board extrusion lines
  • PET; PP; PS; PLA rigid sheet extrusion lines
  • PP; PET High Speed Extruders
  • MS series High Speed Two Stations Thermoforming Machines
    Horizontal Trim Press
    Vertical Trim Press
  • MF series Heavy Force Two Stations Thermoforming Machines
    Horizontal Trim Press
    Vertical Trim Press
  • MT Cutting In-mold Tilting Thermoforming Machines
  • Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine
  • EPS Foam Cups Steam Chest Molding System
  • Tooling
  • EPS; XPS; EPE; EPP Re-Pelletizers
  • EPS Extrusion Coating Machines
  • EPS; EPE Laminators
  • EPS; EPE Bonding Machines
  • EPS Underlay Machines
  • IRD Crystallizing & Drying System
  • Cups Rim Rollers
  • Pre-Heater
  • Sheet Splicer
International Resources
  • Draw upon engineering resources in the United States, Europe and Asia to support and provide incremental improvements to its broad product line.
  • Manufacturing in Taiwan.
  • Direct sales offices in Taiwan, England, Mexico, Brazil, India and USA.
  • Technical Consultancy from Germany, UK and USA.
  • Service support from Germany; UK; USA, South Africa and Taiwan.


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Sunwell Global
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Sunwell Machines Co., Ltd.
No. 6-3 Taluen Rd. Tatsun Hsiang, Changhua Hsien, 515 Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-8534810
Fax: +886-4-8534847
Email: sales@sunwellweb.com.tw


Sunwell Brazil Ltd.
Rua Joao Da Jori, 180, Cocal Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
CEP 88450.000
Cel : +55-48-9641-7799
Email: vburato@sunwellbrazil.com


Sunwell UK
Office 1, The Space,Bowburn North Industrial Estate,Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PF
Tel: +44-191-377-8909
Fax: +44-191-377-8909
Email: sales@sunwell.co.uk


Sunwell Americas Ltd.
Circunvalación Norte 94 Las Fuentes Zapopan, Jalisco 45070 Mexico
Tel: +52(33)36320821
Email: hugoh@sunwellamericas.com


Sunwell USA LLC
1601 West Pine Union Gap, WA 98903-9502, USA


Sunwell India Enterprises Pvt. Limited
332, Gala Complex,

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg , Mulund (west)

Mumbai - 400 080 - India

Tel: + 91 22 25606065
Cel: + 91 9820 096065
Email: bipin@sunwellindia.com