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Sunwell » Products » HIPS / PP / APET Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

HIPS / PP / APET Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

Sheet Extrusion Line, PP / PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET Extrusion Line Features

PET Extrusion Line

PET Extrusion Specifications

Material PS; PP; PET; PLA and Other Rigid Sheet Polymers
Layers Single Extrusion Mono Layer or Co-extrusion Multi Layers
Production Sheet Cut; Reel Wind; In-line with Thermoforming Machine
Thickness 0.2 ~ 3mm
Width 500 ~ 1,700mm
Screw Dia. 50; 65; 75; 90; 100; 120; 130; 150; 180 & 200mm
Throughput 200 ~ 2,000 kg/h
Line Speed Up to 100M/Min.
Cooling Rolls Stack Vertical; 45 Incline; Horizontal, J Type and 3rd Roll Rotating Type
Cooling Rolls Dia. 300; 350; 400; 450; 500; 600; 750; 900mm
Heat Exchange Direct or Indirect Type
Slitting Razor Blades, Rotating Blades
Winder Fix Shaft; Cantilever; Removable Roll Cart; Jumbo Roll and Automatic Cutover Turret
Drive System SIEMENS AC Drive with FLENDER Gearbox or Equivalent



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