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Plastic Sheet Extrusion
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Welcome to Sunwell Global

Thermoforming Machine Manufacturer

A well-known plastic sheet extrusion line and fast food packaging machine producer in Taiwan.

  Sunwell Global specialize in energy saving & friendly operating sheet extrusion for plastics materials of EPS, EPE, XPS, HIPS, PP, APET and thermoforming machine system for disposable food containers since 1988. Offering the best systems for completely safe operation for operators is a key fundamental for our company.

  We are
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
CE Certified
UL Certified


News and Event

    Producing extreme efficient fast food packaging machine and plastic sheet extrusion line.

  • A new model form/trim in mold tilting thermoforming machine is launched, which is suitable for light and weight quality cups on high speed production with automation.
  • A new multiple disc water/air ring for foam sheet extrusion is developed to get glossing surface as well as compressed air saving purpose.
  • Successful trials of APET foam (E-APET) sheet extrusion by using CO2 and butane as blowing agents. E-APET is the future and could save up to 90% material comparing to rigid PET. E-CPET is also ovenable.
  • Fast food packaging machine and plastic sheet extrusion line manufacturing.


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