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SF1100 熱板式壓空成型系統

Foam Extrusion, EPE Extrusion Machine, EPS Extrusion Machine

SF1100 熱板式壓空成型系統

Configuration Contact Heating Platen
Application Shallow Containers for Thin Gauge Sheet of BOPS; HIPS; PET etc.
Forming Method Vacuum/ Pressure Forming
Forming Direction Upper Sheet Forming
Maximum Sheet Width 1,100 mm
Maximum Forming Area 1,050 x 1,050 mm
Minimum Forming Area 700 x 700 mm
Max. Depth of Draw 50 mm
Clamping Tonnage 75 tons
Shut-height 55-150 mm
Platen Travel 150 mm
Max. Dry Cycle Speed 35 cycle/min
Top Platen Drive AC Servo Driven Toggle Linkage
Sheet Index AC Servo Driven with Grip Pull System
Products Cutting Inline Vertical Trim Press or Off-Line with Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Control System YASKAWA PLC with Touch Screen
Floor Space 8L x 2.5W x 3.5H M

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