Paper Cup Forming Machine

High speed paper cup forming machine for instant noodle & drinking cups.

  • Material: Paper Blank
  • Machine Speed: 90-160 cups per minute, cups size depend
  • Size Range: 120-1350ml (4-46 oz.)
  • Container Shape: Tapered and Straightwall round


The SUN 1250 is designed to form Fourdrinier paper cup stock of bleached white sulphate with minimum cross grain stretch of 3%, low ash content (less than 1%), and high bond-strength characteristics. The thickness and density, grams per square meter (GMS) or basis ream weight (BRW), of the stock required is determined by the type and size of the cup or container to be produced.

Coatings and Adhesives HEAT SEAL COATINGS Cup stock intended for heat seal processing must be coated with low-density, heat-sealable polyethylene. The caliper or poly weight, in gr/m2, (lbs./ream), is determined by the type of cup or container to be formed. Design and Manufacture Manufactured exclusively for Paper Machinery Corporation – China by Sunwell Machines Co. Ltd., the SUN 1250 combines the design legacy of a PMC machine, the ability to form a versatile size range of cups and containers, together with the manufacturing and customer service Supporting Technical Information Installation floor plan, assembly drawings, electrical diagrams, parts list and maintenance and operation instruction manuals are furnished with the machine.


Hot or Cold Drink Cups; Vending Cups; Ice Cream or Instant Noodle Tubs
Material In-feed
Blank Feed Sidewalls, Roll Feed Bottom Stock
Forming Type
Single-wrap Two-piece
Production Speed
Cup: Up to 150 cpm ; Bowl: Up to 135 cpm ; Oval or Others: Up to 115 cpm
Range of Cup Sizes
75 ml to 1000 ml
SIEMENS AC Variable Speed Drive
Specification for Tubs
Top: 89 mm~ 142 mm ; Bottom:64 mm-113 mm ; Height: 75 mm~125 mm
Specification for Cups
Top: 54 mm ~122 mm ; Bottom:54 mm-91 mm ; Height: 50 mm~178 mm
System Control
PLC Controls & Touch Screen HMI
Cups productivity
Max. 9,900 cups/hr for one Machine
Electric Requirement
50-60 Hz
Compressed Air
5.6 kg/cm2
Machine Vacuum
0.65 kg/cm2 ; 0.62 kg/cm2 for Blank Feeder
Water Required
1.9 l/min @1.4 kg/cm2
Space Requirement
10.3M(L) X 3.5M(W) x 6M(H)
Machine Weight
8.5 Tons